Saturday, October 8, 2016

The LAVA Synthetic Bug Corpora

I'm planning a longer post discussing how we evaluated the LAVA bug injection system, but since we've gotten approval to release the test corpora I wanted to make them available right away.

The corpora described in the paper, LAVA-1 and LAVA-M, can be downloaded here: (101M)

Quoting from the included README:

This distribution contains the automatically generated bug corpora used in the paper, "LAVA: Large-scale Automated Vulnerability Addition".

LAVA-1 is a corpus consisting of 69 versions of the "file" utility, each of which has had a single bug injected into it. Each bug is a named branch in a git repository. The triggering input can be found in the file named CRASH_INPUT. To run the validation, you can use, which builds each buggy version of file and evaluates it on the corresponding triggering input.

LAVA-M is a corpus consisting of four GNU coreutils programs (base64, md5sum, uniq, and who), each of which has had a large number of bugs added. Each injected, validated bug is listed in the validated_bugs file, and the corresponding triggering inputs can be found in the inputs subdirectory. To run the validation, you can use the script, which builds the buggy utility and evaluates it on triggering and non-triggering inputs.

For both corpora, the "backtraces" subdirectory contains the output of gdb's backtrace command for each bug.


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